Enel X presents new directions for electric mobility at the 2018 International Motor Show

Enel X presents new directions for electric mobility at the 2018 International Motor Show

Enel X, through its global presence, actively participates in the construction of an environment that enables electric mobility and new energy uses in a technological and sustainable way. Aligned to that directive, the company was present in the New Mobility Trends and Future space of the 2018 International Motor Show, during the month of November at the São Paulo Expo. The New Mobility space was the heart of the debate on the future of mobility, combining content, experience, innovation and exhibition.

“We are committed to becoming one of the main actors in the electric mobility segment, promoting its development through inserting electricity into the transport sector and creating shared and sustainable value for all our stakeholders,” said Nestor Benito, Enel X president in Brazil. “Our goal is to bring technology and innovation to the country, with a charging infrastructure management that is efficient for public and private use, helping electric cars to become the ideal vehicle for daily use.”

One of the innovations presented by the company during the 30th edition of the global fair was Enel X JuiceBox, a smart electric vehicle charger with connectivity, control and monitoring for residential, business and commercial use. It is a tool that empowers customers to make the best decisions when refuelling their vehicles.

Enel X also stood out in the content arena, discussing and bringing solutions for areas that are part of its service platform such as innovation, sustainability, Smart Cities and electric mobility, covering existing changes and future trends.

Meanwhile, at the Nissan Intelligence Mobility Lounge Immersive Experience, another way of approaching energy use in an integrated way and generating new opportunities was presented in the form of the 10 kW CC charger that uses the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology. V2G is a bidirectional charging technology that can transform an electric vehicle into a battery on wheels, allowing the vehicle to be charged and return any excess energy stored in the vehicle to the grid, if necessary. A new Nissan LEAF will be connected to the system to demonstrate how this technology works.

We have entered a new era, a paradigm change in how we understand and use energy. Enel X helps companies, cities and people to capitalise on the benefits offered by this transformation, improving their results, their quality of life and the environment.


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