More benefits at the reach of more people: Enel X revamps the Assistance Services product

More benefits at the reach of more people: Enel X revamps the Assistance Services product

The opportunity to look after what has been achieved through effort and for which we have a lot of love is now available to an even larger audience. Enel X’s 24-hour assistance products, which serve the Pet, Auto, Moto and Residential segments, will also be offered to customers outside the distributor concession areas of Enel Group, Enel X’s holding company.

This is due to the product, which will now be known as Assistance Services, will be the first for the residential public to also be sold via credit card. Previously, the support product was only sold by Enel X through energy bill charges.

In addition to the convenience of paying with credit cards, the coverage will also change. The Residential product will now have Basic and Plus levels, while Pet now has Basic, Plus and Master categories, with no age limits for dogs and cats.

The news and the products’ expanded flexibility will be presented in an Internet campaign within the Northeast, Southeast and South regions – markets that present higher rates of online purchases and interest in themes linked to the assistance products.

The campaign shows how difficult moments in our daily lives can be solved through the coverage of the products offered by Enel X.

It is our energy bringing an even larger range of smart and innovative solutions to improve people’s lives, offering more comfort, safety and convenience.

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