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Enel X secures majority of GB T-1 and T-4 Demand Side Response market

  • Enel X UK secured 68% (630MW derated) of total DSR capacity awarded in the GB T-4 Capacity Market auction, for delivery 2026/27 and 43% (175MW derated) of total Demand Side Response (DSR) capacity awarded in the GB T-1 Capacity Market auction for 2023/24 delivery.
  • Industrial and commercial businesses participating in Enel X’s grid services scheme can earn in the region of c.£30,000 per MW per year to help offset high energy prices while supporting security of supply and helping achieve Net Zero ambitions.


06 March, 2023 - Enel X has been awarded 175MW of Demand Side Response (DSR) capacity in the T-1 Auction for delivery in 2023/24 and 630MW in the T-4 Auction for delivery in 2026/27 in Great Britain’s Capacity Market. These results strengthen Enel X’s position as GB market leader in DSR with 43% and 68% of the DSR auction allocation respectively.

The Capacity Market helps to ensure security of electricity supply through the provision of enough reliable capacity to meet demand, particularly at times of grid stress. DSR is a valuable and growing part of GB’s energy security strategy.


Barry Hurst, Head of Sales, Enel X UK & Ireland said:

DSR is critical to managing and ensuring security of supply in an increasingly variable energy system which is dominated by renewable energy sources. Furthermore, it is helping GB to achieve its Net Zero ambitions by reducing the use of fossil fuels when electricity demand peaks or when renewable generation is low. This helps to maintain a better balance between supply and demand and is a valuable tool in the prevention of power outages.


Businesses that participate receive valuable revenue which can help offset increasing energy costs. The T-4 Auction has cleared at £63/kW, the highest ever recorded price and the T-1 Auction has cleared at £60/kW, its second highest price. These prices should encourage even more businesses to get involved in DSR. We are pleased to continue as market leaders, supporting our customers and the grid with demand-side management services.”


National Grid (NG) ESO considers DSR a vital tool to help deliver a secure, sustainable and affordable electricity system. Any business in any sector with the ability to turn down or switch on a MW or more of capacity across their sites can participate in DSR. Businesses are paid to free up grid capacity when it is needed most, for instance by switching to their own backup generation and storage, or by curtailing equipment to reduce external load at peak periods.


Hurst added:

“The high clearing prices in the Capacity Market auctions, with the majority of MWs at these prices being obtained by Enel X, puts us in a unique position to offer qualifying customers an average of c.£30,000 per MW per year over the next 4 years (from 1st Oct 2023).”  


Enel X has provided DSR services to Great Britain’s electricity system since 2009 and currently holds the leading position in DSR programmes worldwide, with over 8.4 GW of capacity currently managed in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Contact us to find out more about the Capacity Market, Demand Side Response and how to get involved. We will analyse your half hourly electricity data to assess your eligibility to participate and then process the relevant paperwork on your behalf.

The application deadline is 31st of March 2023 for involvement from 1st October 2023

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