Energy advisory

Energy advisory

Energy consulting

Enel X offers advice on purchasing electricity and gas. We create a customized risk management strategy based on thorough market intelligence and analysis, and optimize your supply contract. We manage all the data related to your gas and electricity use in a shared platform

Enel X energy consulting offers:

  • Analysis of your energy purchasing methodology
  • Creation of a purchasing strategy:
    • Tender preparation
    • Supplier selection
    • Process optimization
  • Preparation of both energy budgets and risk management plan
  • Ongoing energy market monitoring, including information on current trends and costs of raw materials
  • Unification of energy purchasing processes at local, national and global level
  • Procurement of energy from renewable sources (onsite generation, PPAs)
  • Optimization of electricity purchasing for participants in Demand Side Response (DSR) programs

Our offer is always tailored to the client's needs and may go beyond the above-mentioned areas.

Why choose Enel X energy consulting:

  • Energy consulting is provided by a professional team with many years of experience in the energy industry
  • We provide our clients with a platform for managing energy and gas purchasing contracts
  • We belong to an international energy group
  • Our experts have access to many resources enabling quick response to market and legislative changes

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