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What is it?

Demand Side Response (DSR) is the temporary reduction of electricity demand by energy users to support the electricity system. DSR programs offer remuneration to companies that reduce their power consumption from the grid at the request of the system operator during critical power supply shortages. Such calls are very rare and have practically no impact on the core business of companies. Companies, which will choose co-operation with Enel X, can guarantee themselves stable, long-term revenues up to 2026.

How does it work?

The program is open to all enterprises with at least several hundred kW of connected power and which can, for a short time:

  • Shift the power consumption to other hours
  • Temporary reduce power consumption
  • Switch to a back-up generation source or energy storage


There are many ways to reduce / shift the power consumption and we present only examples below:

  • Switch off some appliances or lighting
  • Adaptation of production processes to periods of demand for power reduction
  • Changing the set points and operation schedules of HVAC installations, pumps, industrial freezers and compressors
  • Starting reserve aggregates or changing the cogeneration work schedule

Customers operating in almost every industry can benefit from participation in the DSR program if they can temporarily reduce power consumption. The programs are intended for both large and medium-sized recipients, including:

  • cement plants
  • steel mills
  • chemical plants
  • food processing plants - food processing
  • cold stores
  • water and sewage companies
  • recycling companies
  • packaging producers
  • hospitals

...and many others.

There are many benefits to participating in a DSR program:

  • Remuneration for readiness to reduce energy demand
  • Reduction in electricity costs due to planned energy purchases and consumption
  • Advanced notification of energy supply threats allowing time to protect company processes and equipment
  • Contribute to the security of the country’s power grid. Program participants are authorised to use the ‘I Support Poland's Energy Security’ logo established by PSE
  • Earn additional points towards multi-criteria LEED and BREEAM building certifications


The amount of remuneration depends on your company's power reduction potential and the DSR program you choose. For the readiness to reduce some of the power consumption, a company can earn up to PLN 200,000 per year for 1 MW of power.
Program participation is limited and must comply with regulatory deadlines. Please contact us as soon as possible to receive a recommendation for the optimal strategy for your business.