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Remondis earns Demand Side Response revenue with Enel X

One of the examples of good business practices in Poland is the Remondis Group. The Remondis Group is the leader in the municipal services sector in Poland, operating in the field of waste collection and management as well as water and sewage management.


Remondis continuously invests in waste management installations, including polystyrene granulation, green waste composting, alternative fuel production, electronic and electrical equipment processing, recycling of recyclable materials and glass, and mechanical and biological processing.


Key numbers about the Remondis Group in Poland:

  • Population served: 4 million in 15 voivodships
  • Turnover: 1.4 billion PLN (2019)
  • Offices and installations presence: 50 cities


Remondis is constantly looking for ways to reduce energy costs. In 2014, the company has started procuring energy at the group level. Consumption analysis, tariff selection, optimization of the supplied power and fixed charges, as well as reactive power compensation, are carried out on a continuous basis. Investments in photovoltaic installations are also being considered.


In 2020, Remondis has begun reducing electricity costs in a new way: through participation in Demand Side Response (DSR). DSR programs are ultimately aimed at stabilizing the National Power System in emergency situations. In DSR programs, participating companies declare their readiness to temporarily reduce energy consumption at the power network system operator’s request in return for remuneration. Recipients may sign contracts to provide DSR services directly with the energy system operator (PSE) or with the help of a DSR aggregator. Remondis decided to use Enel X as their aggregator. Working with Enel X offers:

  • Experience of over 15 years, across 50 programs, and with 15,000 sites around the world
  • Assessment, preparation and live support of the entire energy reduction process
  • The possibility to report anticipated periods of operational unavailability
  • Protection from penalties for failure to reduce energy during an event


The Remondis Group began working with Enel X in the autumn of 2019. The possibility of energy consumption reduction at five pilot sites was assessed and the precise level of reduction was determined.


Together with Enel X, the plants were prepared for the reduction tests, which are a condition for joining the program and receiving remuneration for the readiness to a possible reduction. All tests were successful.


With the declared possible reduction of 0,8 MW, Remondis will receive several tens of thousands of zlotys in 2020. As of today, no sites have been called for the reduction tests.


DSR program is one of the actions among others for building the company sustainability and introduce the circular economy within the company.


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