How Enel X's DER.OS Software Maximizes the Value of Battery Energy Storage

A battery is only as good as the software that runs it. Find out how Enel X's industry-leading software DER.OS automates battery operations to maximize savings.

Predict system peaks

and minimize demand charges

Analyze grid conditions and forecast facility load

to maximize savings

Store excess on-site solar energy

to deploy when time-of-use rates are highest

Participate in grid programs like demand response

creating an additional revenue stream for your facility

Learn more about energy storage here.

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Case Study

UMass Boston Installs Solar, Battery Storage, and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Through Partnership with Enel X

Learn how the award-winning project will help optimize the university’s energy consumption and contribute to the Massachusetts electric grid.


DER.OS Fact Sheet

Enel X’s DER Optimization Software (DER.OS) is a scalable management software system delivered to maximize the economic value of an energy storage system. Learn more about DER.OS's features here.


Solar and Storage, Simplified.

Savings and resilience, optimized. Discover the value of solar-plus-storage with Enel X.

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