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C&I Solar Plus Storage Challenges and Opportunities

Facing Today's Energy Challenges, Businesses are Embracing Combined Solar-Plus-Storage Systems for Their Facilities

No region in North America has been immune to power outages in recent years. Extreme heat strained the Texas grid. Deadly wildfires ripped through California. High winds toppled lines in Alaska, sparking fires. Gusts also wrought havoc in the Midwest. Hurricanes knocked out electricity from Mexico to Nova Scotia.


In light of these risks, C&I leaders are racing to boost their energy resilience.


Many organizations installed solar generation onsite where it made sense—or put photovoltaics at the top of their to-do lists. Now, an increasing number of executives are evaluating whether to pair it with energy storage—not just to save money on their bills, but also for backup power.


Solar-plus-storage systems can provide several key benefits. At the same time, regulations restricting energy storage siting, physical space constraints, and confusion over storage system capabilities represent challenges that could trip up even the most well-intentioned energy management strategy.


In this eBook, discover what goes into a successful C&I solar-plus-storage project, the financing options available, and examples of successful North American projects.

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