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Combining ESG & Financial Reporting to Reap Big Benefits

When global investment manager BlackRock published its open letter in January of 2020, informing clients of the firm’s commitment to help them on their journey of sustainable investing, it confirmed what many sustainability professionals already knew: mainstream investors increasingly believe that ESG metrics have a direct impact on risk and return.


BlackRock’s letter served as a clear indication that investors believe, more than ever, that effectively managing sustainability issues over the long-term is likely to improve business performance. But more than that, BlackRock’s letter indicated an actual shift in the way money is invested. Awareness about the long-term effects of proactively managing sustainability is rapidly changing, and investors are demanding that organizations step up to the plate. These investors are increasingly asking companies to fully integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) data into their financial reporting. 


In this eBook, find out:

  • Why integrated reporting is on the rise 
  • How ESG reporting can give a company a competitive advantage 
  • How to secure top-down commitment to the program 
  • How to choose the best reporting framework
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