Optimize Your Solar Projects with Enel X Battery Storage

Optimize Your Solar Projects with Enel X Battery Storage

Unlock the Economic, Resiliency, and Sustainability Benefits of Battery Energy Storage

Enel X brings a lot of expertise to the storage side of our business. As a partner, they have more experience managing battery assets than any other company we have found.

Andreas Schmid

VP of Business Development at Solect Energy

What Kinds of Organizations Partner with Enel X?

Project Developers, Solution Providers and Solar EPCs

Project developers recognize the value of energy storage, particularly when combined with solar PV and other distributed generation solutions. These partners are embracing energy storage to offer their projects a turnkey solution, with support from Enel X to simplify the integration, operation, and optimization of storage assets.

Consultants, Advisors, and other Trusted Partners Providing Value-Added Services

Trusted partners to C&I energy users are increasingly looking to offer their customers access to optimized energy storage and other distributed energy resources. As an Enel X Partner, you can provide your customers with access to the value of energy storage solutions and earn compensation for our mutual success.

Enel X and Solect’s solar + storage solution for O&G Industries

Partnering with Enel X also offers your customers access to a comprehensive suite of energy solutions, including:

Demand Response

Enel X offers access to more demand response programs worldwide than any other provider, enabling customers to earn incentive payments through DERs and curtailment practices.


Enel X helps businesses develop a strategy to improve sustainability performance and streamline reporting to regulations and industry standards, such as RE100, CDP, ENERGY STAR, and GRESB.

Renewable Energy

Whether your customers’ goals involve purchasing renewable energy from offsite sources or integrating renewable generation assets on-site, Enel X can navigate a complicated vendor landscape to develop the right solution to meet their specific needs.

Utility Bill Management

Enel X offers the only solution capable of processing bills from more than 100 countries, enabling businesses to reduce utility bill processing time, avoid late fees and erroneous charges, and access data for easy reporting and visibility into financial and sustainability performance.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Enel X offers high-power level-2 charging stations and a suite of control software applications so businesses can integrate electric vehicle charging with minimal impact on operational costs and sustainability performance.

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