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Signature Breads Earns More with Backup Generation and Demand Response


Food Manufacturing


Chelsea, MA


1600 KW Backup Generator


$100,000+ annually

Backup Generation Unlocks More Revenue Streams

To help manage energy costs, Enel X first enrolled the bakery in the ISO-New England demand response program. During demand response events, Signature Breads would decrease its load by 25% to support the grid, and in return receive lucrative payments from ISO-New England.

Enel X delivered even bigger savings with a 1600 kW generator at no out-of-pocket cost to the baker. With the generator, Signature Breads sheds 100% of load during demand response events and avoids costly peak demand charges by using the backup generator during periods of peak energy demand on the grid. Additionally, backup generation allows Signature Breads to take their entire facility offline for up to 2 hours at a time, ensuring energy resiliency in case of grid interruptions.

By using a generator, Signature Breads nearly tripled their energy payments and savings.
Through their partnership with Enel X, Signature Breads has streamlined demand response participation and peak demand management while contributing to a more reliable, sustainable, and affordable electric grid in their community.

As a B Corp., we’re intent on doing right by the environment and our local community, but as a small-business we need to keep our bottom line in focus. Enel X helps us do both. With our new back-up generator, we now have a comprehensive solution in place that provides resiliency against outages, a dependable six-figure payment stream from demand response, and an easy way for us to help the grid—and by extension, our community—when demand for electricity is highest and most expensive.

Tony Rodriguez


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