Lodge Cast Iron Relies on Smarter Energy Management from Enel X to Reduce Energy Costs

We’re saving an additional $15,000 in the summer months by reducing our demand in smarter ways
of starting up and operating our equipment.

Keith Nunley, Engineering Manager

The Benefits

Lodge Cast Iron is clear that the benefits that Enel X offers go beyond financial. “Getting paid to reduce our energy use is great,” says Nunley. “But we also want to do what we can to protect our community.”

Enel X brings a range of powerful benefits to the company:

Expert Customer Service

“The customer service we received from Enel X was absolutely phenomenal,” says Nunley. “They’ve been really helpful, and helped us through the whole process.” Ultimately, this high level of communication and collaboration streamlined the process of making demand response part of the manufacturing operations at Lodge Cast Iron.

No Impact on Customers

Lodge Cast Iron values its customer relationships and does whatever it can to meet the needs of retailers and other valued partners. Demand response does not affect the company’s ability to fulfill its orders and meet demand for its cookware. Inherent flexibility in the production schedule and a very efficient operation allow the company to shutdown briefly without impact—with payments from Enel X providing a bottom-line incentive.

New Insights and Efficiency

During implementation, Enel X installed monitoring equipment that collects Lodge’s energy data and streams it to Enel X’s cloud-based EIS platform. By logging into Enel X, Nunley and his team can measure and monitor energy consumption in real-time, during demand response dispatches and beyond. This capability gives the company new insights on its ongoing energy use and inspires new efficiency.

“With Enel X, we’re identifying small operational changes that can make a big difference in energy use,” says Nunley. For example, the company has changed to variable speed drive compressors so they only produce air that they need. “We no longer hold iron in our furnaces over the weekend and this eliminates unnecessary energy use in the melt area. We are also demand reactive, meaning that we monitor demand during every debit period and curtail power on our own to eliminate high peak demand charges.” These changes enable the company to reduce its demand by 800 kilowatts a month, saving more than $15,000 during summer months when demand charges are at their highest.

An Eye-Opening Experience

“Enel X demand response opened our eyes to new ways of looking at how we consume everything—not just electricity,” says Nunley. “We’ve become more aware of how we use other commodities, including water, gas, and air. Now we take a close look at our use and look for ways to reduce— instead of just paying the bill.”

Supporting the Community

Enel X helps ensure the reliability of the energy grid during peak periods by reducing demand. By being part of the TVA-Enel X Demand Response program, Lodge Cast Iron protects other local businesses, as well as the residents of the valley, and helps keep prices stable for all energy users.

The Future

Lodge Cast Iron continues to extol the benefits of partnering with Enel X. “At this point, we’re telling all the companies we know that they should jump on the TVA-Enel X demand response program,” says Nunley. “We’re telling everyone what it’s done for us. And reminding them that they could do it too. It’s simple—demand response makes sense for our business.”

We’re telling all the companies we know that they should jump on the TVA-Enel X demand response program. We’re telling everyone what it’s done for us. And reminding them that they could do it too. It’s simple—demand response makes sense

for our business.

Keith Nunley, Engineering Manager

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