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Enel X Has a Deep History of Energy Storage in New York

With a history of developing, installing, and operating energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems, Enel X has built one of the largest distributed energy storage portfolios in New York City and has partnered with an array of customers to bring energy storage projects to life.


As New York incentive programs for energy storage have changed over the years, so too have the ways businesses can work with energy storage project developers like Enel X to capitalize on these new energy opportunities. Businesses can now utilize batteries on-site to lower utility bills at their facility or lease land to Enel X, who pays the property owner for the right to install a battery and generate revenues via energy market participation.


Below are actual customer examples of both the land lease model and the facility energy savings model showing how customers can partner with Enel X for energy storage.


Land Lease

Large Shopping Center, New York, NY

The shopping center decided to lease its unused land to Enel X in exchange for allowing Enel X to install a battery on that land. Now, the customer receives contracted, recurring payments from Enel X, while the battery strategically charges and discharges electricity from the grid to alleviate congestion and support the community.


Project Details:


System Capacity: 4.8 MW | System Available Energy: 16.4 MWh

This project represents the largest battery storage system in New York City, supporting the local grid with energy reserve during peak periods.


Key Results & Benefits:

  • Fixed, recurring payments create a reliable, sustainable revenue stream
  • Enel X assumes operational and performance risk associated with the energy storage system
  • No technical energy expertise required while still supporting the local utility and the broader New York grid


Facility Energy Savings

Marcus Garvey Village, New York, New York

NYC’s first microgrid providing peak load reduction, standalone backup power, and solar PV self-consumption


Project Details:


Number of Sites: 625-unit apartment complex | Storage Size: 300 kW

The integration of solar PV, energy storage, and a fuel cell with Enel X’s DER Optimization Software has lowered Marcus Garvey Village’s energy costs, delivered essential load relief for utilities, and helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Key Results & Benefits:

  • The project will more than pay for itself through incentives from Con Edison and participation in demand response programs
  • Optimization of demand charge management through the combined solar, fuel cell, building load, and battery operations
  • Access to backup power for critical facilities in the event of a power outage


Glenwood Management, New York, NY

Glenwood Management earns demand response revenue, reduces energy costs with intelligent energy storage


Project Details:


Number of Sites: 13 buildings | Storage Size: 1.2 MW

Through Distributed Energy Resource (DER) deployment, Glenwood has achieved its goals of delivering clean, renewable energy and delivering sound economic returns.


Key Results & Benefits:

  • Optimization of performance and financial returns through a more than five-year partnership in which Enel X has provided storage and solar-plus-storage solutions
  • Participation in different revenue-based grid programs as made possible by DER Optimization Software
  • Commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship through an intelligently controlled DER network