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Bendigo Bank Finds Significant Savings with Utility Bill Management

The Big Picture

With more than 150 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, Bendigo Bank is a proud Australian-owned, ASX-listed company. Bendigo now serves 1.6 million customers in more than 600 communities across Australia. With a strong community history, Bendigo Bank prides itself on empowering Australians and contributing to a sustainable future.


Enel X’s history with Bendigo Bank dates back to 2007, when we approached them with our utility bill management (UBM) and sustainability reporting solutions. The partnership with the bank was a natural fit because of our strong local presence backed by our global know-how. More than this, Enel X’s team of specialists are dedicated to helping build efficient and sustainable portfolios, allowing businesses like Bendigo Bank to focus on what really matters to them.


The Solution

Bendigo Bank has a large business presence spanning across more than 1,400 sites. This makes collecting, tracking, and verifying all their electricity bills a big headache. Enel X’s UBM solution streamlines this process and provides a single source for energy tracking and trending. Bendigo’s utility bills have been redirected to an Enel X office, where a team of specialists review and validate their bills.


By utilising Enel X’s UBM solution, Bendigo Bank has improved bill transparency and identified billing outliers and mistakes. More than this, Bendigo Bank has found UBM an ideal source for reporting on sustainability and efficiency metrics. Each year, Enel X supports and assists Bendigo with their voluntary Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) sustainability reporting, ensuring they’re meeting this best practice reporting framework. “Having the expertise of the Enel X team has been invaluable,” says Graeme Harvey, Bendigo Bank.


The Outcome

With a centralised data system and up to 66 verification audits and checks, Enel X has automatically spotted utility bill errors and mitigated problems. Using this process, Enel X was able to identify discrepancies, including an electricity meter being billed to Bendigo that did not belong to the bank.

  • A bakery had to reimburse Bendigo $139,831.88 for electricity usage going back to 2009
  • A supplier had to refund $4,553.26 for overlapping billing period


Over the course of the relationship with Bendigo Bank, Enel X has implemented savings of more than $240,000 through bill error identification. In addition, by using Enel X’s UBM solution, Bendigo has benefited from reduced man hours required to monitor their utility bills and prepare their sustainability reporting. When taking into consideration the assistance with human resources, Enel X has provided more than just financial payback— they’ve seen great intangible benefits. “We have a large business portfolio. To try and manage the expectations of budget requirements on a national basis, we would need quite a significant team. We need to have a group of subject matter experts who can deliver outstanding benefits,” says Harvey.


The team at Bendigo Bank has maintained a strong relationship with Enel X due to the quality of service they receive. As an all-Australian company, Bendigo Bank is happy to have partnered with a global best practice company while still benefiting from a dedicated local support team that operates within the Australian time zone. And, by partnering with Enel X, the bank holds true to its corporate values by supporting local communities and promoting employment in Australia.


What does our future look like?

Today Enel X continues to work with Bendigo Bank to add their Community Bank® branches to our platform. Enel X is continuously evolving and dedicated to providing businesses like Bendigo with tools and services that deliver value. Enel X looks forward to helping Bendigo Bank support Australians and local communities.