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Anglian Water Partners with Enel X to Lower Costs, Earn Revenue and Beat Regulatory Targets and Corporate Sustainability Goals

Anglian Water leverages the additional visibility that Enel X’s UBM offers to benchmark and monitor energy efficiency targets. From a central place, they can track performance with a high level of granularity and create simple, straight forward reports. These tools help Anglian make better operational and maintenance decisions, prioritise opportunities for efficiency improvements, and find more ways to save on costs. As of 2016, Anglian’s energy efficiency savings have exceeded £20 million. Mr. Lee also uses UBM to automatically spot bill errors and mitigate over-charges. For example, the Government’s removal of the Climate Change Levy exemption for electricity from renewable sources required changes to supplier tariffs. Enel X’s 66-step bill validation process identified that the supplier had not invoiced on the amended tariff, prompting Anglian to request a rebilling that resulted in an additional £200K reimbursement. With assistance from Enel X’s Customer Success team, Lee evaluated the organisation’s historical bill data and identified consistent errors in about 10-15% of £9.75 million worth of total energy bills. In addition to the cost savings that generated by the increased visibility into past and current energy data, Anglian Water’s energy management strategy have also earned them money. When you consider that Anglian’s DSR participation is often executed using with network charge avoidance (i.e., Triads, Red bands) tactics—yet another costcutting measure—Anglian Water’s energy management delivers a one-two punch in the battle against the energy cost line item.


The Result

  • Over £3.2million in savings identified in 2015
  • Improved enterprise-wide cost control
  • Faster reporting to comply with regulations andmeet carbon reduction standards
  • Wide adoption of the system across the enterprise


A Valued Partnership

Energy management—how you buy it, how much you use, and when you use it—is complex. It involves several departments within an organisation who often have completely different goals and may not communicate with one another very often. Even the most seasoned and savvy energy management teams—like the team at Anglian Water—leverage partner tools and expertise to augment their results.