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Amhil North America Manages Rising Demand-Related Electricity Costs with Energy Storage

Project Summary

Ontario-based food packaging company Amhil North America partnered with Enel X for the installation and operation of a 2.34 MW / 4.7 MWh lithium-ion behind- the-meter energy storage system. The project expands upon Amhil’s existing relationship with Enel X as a demand response customer since 2010. With the addition of the energy storage system, Amhil will increase earnings through Ontario’s demand response program, while adding financial savings from managing peak charges.


Key Results & Benefits

  • Automatic battery charging and deployment for optimized energy use during peak hours
  • Enhanced participation in Ontario’s demand response program
  • Contribution to local grid reliability
  • Expected 20% savings in energy expenditure over the life of the 11-year contract