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Solar and Storage, Simplified.

Savings and Resilience, Optimized.

The Value of Solar and Storage with Enel X


By partnering with Enel X for your solar-plus-storage system, your business unlocks an entirely new approach to energy management. Our seamless, turnkey solution offers increased financial savings, resiliency, flexibility, and sustainability to meet your energy needs. Working with Enel X means that you can confidently approach a project with a proven storage partner backed by one of the world’s largest energy companies, the Enel Group. It also means that your solar-plus-storage project will be simple yet sophisticated, taking advantage of a wide array of opportunities to create value.




Realize hidden value from your project through demand charge management, demand response participation, energy arbitrage, and other revenue streams that Enel X’s solar-plus-storage systems offer. Our battery storage and energy market experts will maximize the savings for your project so that your system takes advantage of all available economic opportunities.




Continue to operate your business, even when the grid goes down. Enel X’s solar-plus-storage system can provide varying levels of resiliency to power critical equipment in your facilities amid grid outages and power quality issues, turning your system into a competitive advantage.




Customize your solar-plus-storage project for the size, scale, and configuration that your business demands. Enel X’s DER Optimization Software works with an array of distributed energy resources, thereby providing added flexibility to your project.




Go green with a renewable power source that reduces greenhouse gas emissions from your on-site power generation assets. Prove yourself as an industry leader that embraces innovative technology and improve your bottom line while also operating a sustainable business.