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Second-Generation Renewables Marketplace


The most forward thinking and competitive businesses are purchasing off-site renewable energy as a means to lower costs, manage wholesale market risk, and achieve sustainability objectives.


Given the complexity of renewable energy contracts and the diversity of product options, however, most organizations have difficulty integrating renewables into their supply mix.


Large renewable energy buyers partner with Enel X, a global leader in renewable energy strategy and procurement, to improve RFPs for power purchase agreements (PPAs) through custom auction strategies and simplified auction events that streamline the sourcing process and deliver intense competition. Enel X is able to step in at any point in the PPA process to help renewable energy purchasers save time, lower costs, and mitigate risks in the second-generation renewables marketplace.


Buyers have procured nearly 2,000 MW of long-term PPAs in both domestic and international markets through the Enel X platform. Our proven process and award-winning technology has helped Enel X and its partners achieve record-breaking results.


Whether your organization needs a full-service PPA procurement partner or support for specified point solutions, Enel X is able to offer a broad scope of professional services to execute a successful PPA process.