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Optimize Your Solar Projects with Enel X Battery Storage: Flexible Financing Options

With a strong balance sheet and decades of experience, Enel X offers a range of flexible financing options tailored to your project’s needs:


Hardware Purchase with Monthly Revenue Stream


Partner purchases battery hardware and software from Enel X. Enel X pays partner a monthly lease and bears market risk for battery operation.


Benefits: With upfront, contracted revenue, you lower the risk profile of the project and receive a guaranteed, easy-to-model revenue stream.


Hardware Purchase with Market Services Benefit Share


Partner purchases battery hardware from Enel X and earns ongoing revenue as a percentage of captured savings from battery operation.


Benefits: Software fees paid through future savings reduce your project capex, plus you capture potential upside from battery operation over the full contract term.


Hardware Purchase with Fixed Service Fees


Partner purchases battery hardware from Enel X, with one year or more of prepaid Managed Services* which includes software, O&M and market services.


Benefits: You can apply a markup to hardware and Managed Services to the end customer and pay fixed fees for all components of work. Prepaid Managed Services agreements receive a discount.


*Enel X offers a standard 10-year Managed Services agreement


Enel X stands behind its hardware and system performance, providing partners:


  • Enel-Wrapped Warranty. All hardware is fully wrapped by an Enel-backed warranty, which is stronger and safer than OEM warranties.
  • ITC Compliance Guarantee. Batteries charged 100% from on-site solar are guaranteed compliant with ITC requirements.
  • Incentive Certainty. Enel X ensures incentive operational requirements are met; Enel X Performance Data Provider service is included for all SGIP projects in California.
  • Data Access. Partners can track system performance and financials in real-time with Enel X’s industry leading DER Optimization Software (DER.OS).