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Optimize Your Solar Projects with Enel X Battery Storage

Unlock the Economic, Resiliency, and Sustainability Benefits of Battery Energy Storage

Energy storage represents a significant opportunity for large commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users. Whether as a standalone asset or in combination with solar PV or other on-site generation resources, energy storage enables large energy users to transition load on and off the grid without disrupting site-level productivity—resulting in lower energy spend and increased resilience and power quality. The ability to incorporate energy storage into your toolkit is a significant competitive advantage. To fully capitalize on this opportunity, you need a simplified option to deliver an energy storage solution that minimizes the burden on your team and maximizes the benefits for your end users.


Simplifying and Optimizing Energy Storage and Solar PV Through the Enel X Partner Program


Enel X provides energy storage solutions designed to maximize the financial and resilience value for your project. We help our partners access the benefits of energy storage technology with:


  • Modeling Expertise. Modeling the right system ensures a project that aligns with the project’s operational and financial priorities, including compliance with ITC and local incentive program guidance.
  • Product Access. Prime vendor relationships with top-tier manufacturers ensures earliest available product delivery, all backed by Enel X’s storage system warranty.
  • Industry-Leading Software. Optimizing the system with Enel X’s DER Optimization Software (DER.OS) enables projects to maximize cost savings and incentive earnings, comply with regulations and export limitations, and avoid grid outages.
  • Partner Support. With a deep well of energy market and project expertise, Enel X can provide consultative services for interconnection, permitting and incentive applications, regulatory and market insights, and financing options as needed.


What Kinds of Organizations Partner with Enel X?


Project Developers, Solution Providers and Solar EPCs


Project developers recognize the value of energy storage, particularly when combined with solar PV and other distributed generation solutions. These partners are embracing energy storage to offer their projects a turnkey solution, with support from Enel X to simplify the integration, operation, and optimization of storage assets.


Consultants, Advisors, and other Trusted Partners Providing Value-Added Services


Trusted partners to C&I energy users are increasingly looking to offer their customers access to optimized energy storage and other distributed energy resources. As an Enel X Partner, you can provide your customers with access to the value of energy storage solutions and earn compensation for our mutual success.