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Get More From Commercial and Industrial Demand Response

Energy Intelligence Software and Managed Services for Utilities

Today’s market dynamics—rising power plant construction costs, the need for transmission and distribution upgrades, growing penetration of renewables, new environmental regulations, market price volatility—make resource planning with traditional supply-side resources more difficult, expensive, and uncertain than ever. To address these challenges, many utilities, grid operators, and power retailers use demand response (DR), securing a reliable, cost-effective approach to supporting grid reliability and managing risk while delivering customer value.


Demand Response Is What We Do


Enel X is the global leader in commercial and industrial (C&I) demand response (DR). Utilities, system operators, and retailers turn to us for a diverse range of capacity, economic, and ancillary services resources, using our advanced energy intelligence software and technology platform and our proven approaches to C&I customer engagement and program optimization.


Hundreds of utilities have partnered with Enel X to implement cost-effective DR programs. With tens of thousands of megawatts of electrical load under management, Enel X understands that each utility faces unique challenges. That’s why clients engage us to design and deploy DR solutions that are custom-tailored to meet their specific needs and objectives.


A Resource You Can Count On


Utility control rooms count on resources showing up when dispatched—you need to know DR will provide the grid with a predictable outcome. With Enel X’s patented software and technology platform, you can view the performance of DR assets in real time, so there’s no guesswork involved. Our clients benefit from Enel X’s US$200 million investment to date in technology and more than a decade of behind-the-meter expertise in delivering a firm capacity resource, giving utilities reliability without the expense of building new infrastructure or training new staff.