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Energy Storage in Connecticut

New Connecticut Storage Incentives Create Exciting Opportunities for Businesses

As part of Connecticut’s Equitable Modern Grid initiative, large energy users are eligible for storage incentives starting January 1, 2022. These incentives will dramatically improve the business case of energy storage, reducing upfront costs by up to 50%. Companies will need to act quickly to get the most favorable incentives—as more customers qualify, the incentive tranches will fill up and become less lucrative.

Battery Technology

Enel X installs affordable lithium-ion batteries and overlays a sophisticated optimization software, DER.OS, to maximize financial savings. By reducing on-bill demand charges and enrolling the battery in energy markets, organizations save money on their utility bills while participating in energy pro- grams, like demand response. Enel X provides full financing to help bring these investments to life.

Enel X engineer discussing battery technology
Map of Enel X's New England portfolio of battery storage operations

Enel X New England Portfolio

With a deep customer base in New England, Enel X operates one of the largest solar, storage, and solar-plus- storage portfolios across the Northeast. Our track record of success in the Massachusetts SMART program has garnered deep, local project experience. And with these new incentives, companies can expect to see an explosion of exciting storage projects in Connecticut.