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ENERGY STAR Management Made Simple

Use Enel X’s ENERGY STAR Data Manager to Centralize and Oversee Your Portfolio’s ENERGY STAR Tracking, Updating, and Reporting


Organizations are under increased pressure to benchmark their buildings through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager in order to comply with local energy disclosure laws, attract tenants, and showcase the value of energy management efforts. Don’t rely on time-consuming, manual data entry and fragmented efforts to tackle this growing challenge; turn it into a competitive advantage with Enel X’s ENERGY STAR data manager.


Improve Your Bottom Line


Industry studies show that ENERGY STAR buildings have lower operating costs, are more marketable, and command higher rental rates relative to non-ENERGY STAR rated buildings. Taking steps to benchmark your facility and achieve ENERGY STAR certification can have a significant impact on your building’s profitability and value.


Meet Existing and Future Energy Disclosure Laws


Depending on where your buildings are located, ENERGY STAR can turn from a ‘nice to have’ into a ‘must have.’ A growing number of cities and municipalities are mandating that buildings of a certain size disclose their energy consumption using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager tool. Even if you have buildings located in a city without this type of disclosure policy today, getting a head start on ENERGY STAR benchmarking could save you the trouble of reactive compliance down the road.


Benchmark Your Buildings


Forty percent of US commercial building space is already benchmarked using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager1. Submitting data to Portfolio Manager each month allows you to track your building’s performance against peer facilities as well as other buildings in your portfolio.


How Enel X’s ENERGY STAR Data Manager Can Help


Enel X’s ENERGY STAR data manager streamlines reporting for your team and saves time. Our ENERGY STAR data manager, included in Enel X’s utility bill management (UBM) solution, calculates ENERGY STAR score estimates for your building(s), automatically updates Portfolio Manager each month with new utility bill information, and eliminates manual entry of new or updated site data into Portfolio Manager. Enel X’s ENERGY STAR data manager capabilities include:


  • Automated Portfolio Manager Data Exchange > Site, Property, and
  • Meter Editing
  • Audit TrailBuilding Rankings
  • Building Trends