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Take Control of Your Energy Costs with Enel X’s Strategic Energy Supply Management and Advisory Services

For over 20 years, Enel X’s people, process, and award-winning technology have helped thousands of national and international clients secure nearly $50 billion in power and natural gas.


You may have heard how our award-winning technology creates the most competitive purchasing process and gets you the best market price, but that’s only one side of our story. Enel X experts are in the market every day working with the most sophisticated energy users to develop and implement comprehensive energy supply management strategies that reduce costs, provide budget certainty, manage market and contingency risks, and achieve sustainability goals. This is how we do it.


Enel X’s Energy Supply Management Experts

Our knowledgeable sales and delivery personnel act as an extension of your organization, working alongside your team to develop and execute a comprehensive energy supply management strategy.


Business Development Managers

Our experienced business development managers support your organization over the long-term. Your team will never get handed off to a customer service division.


Pricing Analysts

Enel X’s pricing analysts combine industry-leading technology with regional expertise to help you secure the most favorable contracts at tactical buying opportunities. Our analysts know better than anyone the nuances and cost drivers in your specific market.


Energy Supply Management Managers

Our energy supply management managers average more than a dozen years of experience transacting electricity and natural gas on behalf of some of the most sophisticated energy buyers.


Dedicated Energy Advisors

Our tiered support team ensures that you get the right level of service to meet your needs and budget. For smaller customers with straightforward purchasing needs, our advisors will monitor market conditions and proactively alert you to new purchasing opportunities or changes in market conditions.


For customers with complex buying strategies, our dedicated energy advisors help make critical market and investment decisions. Through renewable energy and demand-side considerations, structured sourcing strategies, risk management, mark-to-market analyses and custom positioning reports, our advisors provide the industry’s best counsel.


Enel X’s Energy Supply Management Process and Ongoing Services

Starting with an analysis of your organization’s usage patterns, tariff structures, and business objectives, our experts help create a procurement plan that achieves your risk, budgeting, and reporting goals.


We work with your team to create electronic requests for proposals and leverage our technology to maximize supplier participation. We review supplier responses, make recommendations, and assist in contract negotiations.


Enel X advisors and procurement experts then work with your team throughout the term of your supply contract. Drawing on our industry-leading energy intelligence and analytics, Enel X puts your organization in a position to proactively manage its energy contracts instead of reactively responding to expiration dates.


Enel X’s Award-Winning Technology

To ensure you get the best price for the best product, Enel X combines unparalleled expertise in wholesale and retail energy markets with our Enel X Connect application and industry-leading reverse and sealed bid auctions.


Reverse and Sealed Bid Auctions

Auctions have proven to be the most effective means to command the best price in volatile energy markets. On average, our auctions deliver 5-13% savings versus traditional procurement processes.


Transparency and Auditability

Our exchange captures and centralizes each bid by the various suppliers that compete for your business. With full visibility into the market and bidding process, our technology makes it easy to prove to internal stakeholders that you got the best available price.


Contract Management

Maintaining energy contracts can become a real challenge if your organization has multiple sites or facilities. Enel X consolidates all of your contracts in a single platform so your team members can view all of your energy contracts in one place.


Market Intelligence

Access forward-looking analyses, expert regional market commentaries, automated price alerts and forward/ historical gas and electric prices to monitor prices and execute hedge positions at advantageous times.


Demand-Side Management

Capacity-related costs can be as much as 40% of your electricity supply costs in certain markets. We offer a system peak predictor for organizations looking to lower capacity obligations through peak demand management.


Utility Bill Management

Our utility bill management (UBM) tools streamline bill collection, validation and payment process, and provide you with visibility into when and how you use energy.