Overview: Distributed Energy Resource Optimization Software (DER.OS)

DER Optimization Software™ is a highly scalable management software system delivered as a managed service on a subscription basis. DER Optimization Software™ enables you to monitor, communicate with and control your energy network. The system interfaces with distributed energy resources to monitor energy usage and production in real time. DER Optimization Software™ is comprised of two components, DER Optimization Software Cloud and DER Optimization Software Site, which interface with other software systems and hardware devices in a holistic energy management ecosphere.


DER Optimization Software Cloud


A cloud-based energy management platform that controls system wide operations, DER Optimization Software Cloud directs the activities of the hardware platform and integrated energy management devices. It monitors load and directs energy storage operations and building energy management from a central user dashboard.


DER Optimization Software Cloud’s capabilities include:


  • Management across the entirety of the customer’s energy assets
  • Manages automated decision making
  • System-wide analytics
  • Network Optimization Engine (NOE) and automated decision making across the entire asset portfolio
  • Adaptation layer provides integration to back-office systems, power markets, grid-tied renewables and metering systems for scalability redundancy with the core
  • Interconnects grid-tied renewables, back-office systems, metering systems and power market pricing schedules


DER Optimization Software Site


A localized site control system, DER Optimization Software Site directs DEN Store and the operation of other DERs at a specific site.


DER Optimization Software Site:


  • Resides on the building/site premises
  • Directs building and DER operations/management
  • Provides for local real-time decision making and local management of the systems at a building or a site
  • Site Optimization Engine (SOE) optimizes economics of site DER assets
  • Interfaces with building energy management devices for integrated communications and controls
  • Flexible adaption layer allows for the integration of a wide array of hardware devices and software systems, enabling data collection and management of these assets
  • Local data store provides fault tolerance and data buffering to deliver a “lossless data stream” if connectivity to the internet is lost




DER Optimization Software is a next-generation energy management platform designed as a fundamental building block for site energy management and delivered as a managed service.


DER Optimization Software:


  • DER Optimization Software is a next-generation energy management platform designed as a fundamental building block for site energy management
  • Intelligently adapts, interfaces and embraces emerging technologies and solutions
  • Requires no software upgrades to manage
  • Minimizes IT infrastructure and OA&M costs
  • Leverages a distributed architecture designed for scalability and reliability


DER Optimization Software is a highly scalable, management system with real-time reporting and service assurance capabilities.


DER Optimization Software features include:


  • Next-generation architecture
  • Flexible, scalable, adaptable, and secure
  • Operations user interface (alarms, statistics, history)
  • Open and adaptable systems integration
  • Interface provides a full, feature-rich browser-based GUI requiring no special plug-ins
  • Open API for 3rd Party systems integration


Interface Features Available


Tiered Navigation


  • Aggregation of tiered resources
  • Account > Site > DER
  • Manage all assets through one interface


Device View


  • Current operational status/mode
  • Charge/Generate operations
  • Communications heath check
  • Battery State of Charge (SoC)


Events & Alarms


  • System operational events/alarms
  • Environmental events/alarms
  • I/O Events (O/U Voltage/Frequency; safety circuit, door alarm, etc)




  • Lifetime System and Battery Statistics collection
  • KW, KWH, PF, Voltage, Amperage, Temperature
  • Statistical graphing engine
  • Data/graph export options




  • Scheduled operation configuration
  • One-time or recurring scheduled events
  • Selectable operation modes: bulk power, variable demand capping, solar+storage, etc.
  • Review current schedules, past events, edit existing, or create new schedules


System Messages & Feedback


  • Messaging about system outages and/or features enhancements
  • Configuration and system user feedback


Value and Benefits


Reliable & Resilient


  • No single point of failure as the system is fully distributed and fully clustered
  • Ability to spread computing and storage resources worldwide based on disaster recovery plans and data locality needs




  • No single point to attack within the system
  • Ability to extend customer’s LAN into the cloud with a VPN


Flexible and Easy to Deploy


  • System can utilize pre-configured virtual machine instances to bring additional resources online within minutes
  • No software to install on client machines


Reduced CapEx & Operation, Administration and Maintenance (O&M) Costs


  • CapEx for server infrastructure is completely eliminated
  • Reduced IT staffing requirements, reduced operating expenses and facilities


Extensible & Scalable


  • Ability to integrate new resources and have them functioning in minutes
  • System can easily be extended to manage new devices




DER Optimization Software Managed Service
DER Optimization Software Software Platform (Cloud & Site) managed service; requires internet connection from customer network


Dedicated DER Optimization Software Service
Dedicated private managed service requires secure VPN to customer network


Custom Back Office Application Integration
Custom back office application integration is available from Demand Energy as a service


Custom Device Integration
Offers customer device integration for management of 3rd Party IED’s


DER Optimization Software Licensed Solution
Custom licensed solution for 3rd Party integration and DER Optimization