How can I maximise the revenues from my production system?

One possibility is to join a Direct Marketing service that will enable the “end-to-end” management of all the services connected to the sale of electrical energy with the goal of maximising the profits for the owner of the system. This service is aimed at industrial clients who own electrical energy generation systems of all sizes and technologies. It involves the provision of a series of services, such as production forecasting, daily planning, managing offers on the stock exchange (“bidding”), the regulation of all of the individual financial items, invoicing and analysis of final performance.

In Italy, it is possible to subscribe to this service through one of the various kinds of contracts offered, cancelling any other existing contract with another trader or GSE, without losing out on any incentives granted. Depending on the times involved in cancelling said contract and the technical timescales in implementing all the necessary authorisations, the service should commence within 60 days from the signing of the contract. 

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