Demand Response, the energy that gives you a starring role

Enel X remains the leading aggregator on the Italian electricity market, having been awarded the entire capacity offered at the Terna Project’s last annual auction of Virtually Aggregated Mixed Units

Published on 4 February 2020

Programmi di demand response si aggiudicano la quota dell’asta del progetto Terna

The energy transition currently underway is not just changing how we are producing energy but also the way we are consuming it.  The European regulatory landscape is evolving fast and consumers are now playing an increasingly vital role in protecting the ecosystem. Renewable sources and innovative new technologies, such as  Demand Response programmes, are at the heart of the changes that are pivotal to the planet’s survival.   

To tackle the energy challenges of this millennium, the electricity system will need new allies of the likes of Demand Response. “Flexibility” is the first key word in the energy transition in which renewables sources, which by their very nature cannot be programmed, are playing a growing role. But flexibility does not just mean the ability to adjust your energy consumption, an aspect that is genuinely invaluable today in maintaining grid stability. It also means making an active contribution to the reliability and efficiency of the energy market. Flexibility offers tangible savings too, by allowing users to take advantage of the different price bands throughout the day and by reducing consumption during peak hours.

Demand Response programmes offer genuine added value to customers, who, in turn, take on a central role in the energy transition. DR programmes are a tool that can boost consumers’ well-being by limiting both demand spikes and price spikes. In fact, by adjusting your consumption, you can monetise your flexibility because when you respond to the aggregator’s requests, you will receive payment in return.

“Customer” is thus the second key word in this transition process. Customers are playing an active role in the energy market. Without the customer, there would be no flexibility, in fact. Thanks to the trust our customers place in us when they courageously respond to change, we at Enel X have been able to achieve this great result, which will benefit consumers first and foremost.  

Enel X’s Demand Response programmes allow you to turn your energy use into earnings, revolutionising your company and improving the environment. A fundamental asset for the whole national electricity system and, most of all, for the energy transition.  

In recent years, here at Enel X, our strong commitment to the new resources market has seen us become the leading aggregator on the Italian electricity market.  The annual auction for the Terna pilot project’s Virtually Aggregated Mixed Units (UVAM) in Italy was held last December and Enel X, as the aggregator, was awarded the entire capacity on offer. To translate those figures into words, this means that in 2020 Enel X Italia will be managing a capacity of almost 350 MW, with a portfolio featuring a high percentage of flexibility provided by consumer customers, a fact that sets it apart from the market average.

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