Groupama Assicurazioni and Enel X working together for environmental sustainability and optimised energy consumption

Aiming to make consumption and emissions more efficient and to contribute to sustainability, Groupama Assicurazioni has finalised an agreement with Enel X for its Advisory & Monitoring services

Published on 16 October 2019

Groupama Assicurazioni and Enel X working together for environmental sustainability and optimised energy consumption

Energy efficiency today is more than a question of consumer choice, it has also become an opportunity for companies to boost their business by reducing energy costs, and to stand out from the competition, saving on both the financial and environmental fronts. The key pairing of sustainability and technology offers new smart and intuitive ways to access an innovative ecosystem based on actions to improve consumption.

To this end, Groupama Assicurazioni, the first overseas branch of the French insurance colossus, has signed an agreement with Enel X, choosing its Advisory & Monitoring services to identify the present level of corporate efficiency and optimise energy performance. The Energy Diagnosis service performed by the e-Industries team from Enel X will give the insurance giant a comprehensive and fully integrated view of its consumption, thereby providing the opportunity to bolster its environmental sustainability policy.

Present in Italy with a network of more than 1,000 agents, the company is focussing on improving resource management, by using the advantages offered by Enel X’s innovative energy monitoring platform. This reliable tool begins with a comparison of consumption, tracing a precise “identikit” of the energy inefficiencies that require adjustment and identifying the critical areas for action to improve these results. This is made possible through the use of meters, installed to monitor consumption, and the comparison of real energy consumption with ideal modelling created to tailored parameters by software using artificial intelligence algorithms.

In so doing, Groupama Assicurazioni is not only being considerate towards the collective future but it is also making responsibility a strategic choice, encouraging a conscientious approach to social and environmental issues, as befits its mission of mutual assistance. The previous, positive initiatives established by the company to save energy and water, as well as the recovery of sorted waste materials and reduction of pollution, will be further extended today, thanks to Enel X, a competent partner and reliable industry leader.

With Enel X, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are truly “assured”.

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