Palazzo Borromeo illuminated with sustainable lighting

The Enel X artistic lighting upgrade brought technological innovation and the energy efficiency of LED technology to the Renaissance complex which is also the Italian Embassy to the Holy See

Published on 21 February 2019

Palazzo Borromeo illuminated with sustainable lighting

The Palazzo Borromeo, which is one of the greatest examples of Renaissance architecture in the heart of Rome, is being illuminated by a new kind of light. Designed in 1561 by architect Pirro Ligorio at the behest of Pope Pius IV and now home to the Italian Embassy to the Holy See, this stunning building has been at the centre of a meticulous Enel-branded artistic upgrading project.

From the marvellous entrance to the majestic state halls enriched by astonishing stuccowork and frescoes, artistic lighting designed by Enel X now highlights certain views and corners of the building, further enhancing one the marvels of the Italian Renaissance.  Traditional lights have been replaced by cutting-edge LED technology, clothing the historic complex in a new environmentally sustainable kind of light that brilliantly complements the artworks between its walls. The artistic lighting project was launched to mark the 90th anniversary of the signing of the Lateran Pact and the 35th anniversary of the signing of the Concordat. 

Before the intervention of Enel X

The innovative project created by Enel X is part of major embellishment, restoration and conservation work being carried out at the Palazzo which, thanks to the generous contributions made by Italian businesses, and through public-private synergy, we managed to finish in time for the celebrations of these important anniversaries.

Pietro Sebastiani

Italy’s Ambassador to the Holy See

After the intervention of Enel X

We are delighted to have contributed to an innovative and sustainable project that will enhance the Renaissance beauty of Palazzo Borromeo, particularly on the occasion of the celebrations for the 90th Anniversary of the Signing of the Lateran Pact and the 35th Anniversary of the Agreement Modifying the Concordat. New lighting that marries efficiency with sustainability, safeguarding the artistic legacy contained in the Palazzo.

Francesco Venturini

Enel X CEO

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