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What is it?

Demand Response (DR) programmes are a vital source of flexibility. Businesses with the ability to occasionally reduce non-essential energy use, or with energy generation assets that can be engaged when the grid needs support, can participate in DR. Our customers receive payments for participation and gain access to the energy markets where favourable conditions can deliver further rewards.

How does it work?



Enel X works with you to identify the best Demand Response programmes for your business. Together, we develop strategies to optimise your energy consumption and generation without impacting your business operations. 


If you have the ability to occasionally switch to a back-up power source, reduce some non-essential loads or ramp up or down power generation assets when there is an imbalance of supply and demand on the grid, you are an ideal candidate for participating in Demand Response with Enel X. 


Participating in Demand Response with Enel X is easy. On completion of a site visit and an engineering assessment by our specialist team, we will install and commission any additional metering and control systems required to participate in your chosen demand response programs. Any related costs are covered by the earnings from your participation so no capital investment is required.


Upon notification of exceptionally extreme events on the electricity grid, many participants simply choose to turn off non-essential lighting or adjust thermostat levels. Manufacturing facilities often choose to suspend production, using the time to conduct equipment maintenance. Others use backup generators, onsite energy generation assets or battery energy storage systems to continue powering their essential operations. Whichever way you choose to participate, you always remain in control of your energy assets. 

Once you are enrolled and participating in our Demand Response programmes you instantly benefit from energy savings and will receive payments for participation.Once you are enrolled and particpating in our Demand Response programmes you instantly benefit from energy savings and will receive payments for particpation.


Capacity Market

The Capacity Market helps to protect national security of electricity supplies to prevent blackouts (loss of electricity supply). This ensures that customers have a secure and stable supply of electricity.

Capacity market participants such as our Demand Response customers are paid to ensure that they are available in the event of a lack of electricity supply. These are very rare events and therefore customers are effectively paid to be ready to respond.

Enel X completely manages your participation and compliance in the Capacity Market.


Ancillary Services

Ancillary services sometimes referred to as DS3 include programmes such as Frequency Response and Reserve Services. These are procured by EirGrid to help maintain the operation and stability of the national electricity grid. 

Different programmes have different response times from sub-seconds, minutes and up to hours. Enel X works with our customers to develop bespoke participation plans which maximise revenues and value for our customers.


Balancing Mechanism & Energy Trading

The Balancing Mechanism is used to balance supply and demand of energy in real time by paying participants to generate more or to reduce their consumption. This market is used in each half hour delivery period from the point where wholesale markets close and when energy is delivered.

In addition to the Balancing Mechanism, Enel X can support customers to take advantage of opportunities in the various Wholesale Energy Markets, in particular the Day Ahead and Intraday markets. Wholesale markets are where energy is bought and sold on varying times scales from years ahead of delivery down to 30 minutes before delivery. 


Behind the Meter Benefits

In addition to participating in Demand Response Markets and programmes our customers can also create energy and carbon savings by using their assets more efficiently. Furthermore, by avoiding or reducing energy use at certain times of the day customers can minimise energy bill costs which have a time of use element.

Enel X’s software platform helps customers visualise their energy use and provides optimised energy schedules which create tangible savings.

Use our demand response calculator to understand your earnings potential from these local grid services programs in three simple steps. It only takes two minutes!
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