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What is it?

Enel X BESS solutions are aimed at lowering your company’s electricity bills, improving sustainability across the supply chain, and accessing backup power to avoid disruptions to daily operations. With our global reach and decades of experience, Enel X is your one-stop-shop energy partner providing local teams of experts to source efficient, sustainable and reliable storage solutions. Having assessed your company’s site load profiles, operation patterns and energy procurement, we find the BESS solution that meets your business needs, manage the procurement process, and coordinate the operation and management of the battery.

Need to know


Standalone storage

An independent BESS which allows users to store electricity during hours when it is cheaper, and then dispatch it later when prices are higher. Standalone storage enables businesses to capitalise on energy price volatility, prevent power outages and contribute to the stability of the grid, thus enabling a higher penetration of renewables. 


Pairing a solar photovoltaic (PV) with a BESS allows customers to extract added value from their on-site asset and access new revenue streams. The battery stores the self-generated energy by the PV for later use providing resiliency and backup power. Businesses can benefit from energy cost reduction, reach the highest sustainability value, and maximise the on-site utilisation of self-generated green electricity. 


A small-scale Distributed Energy Resource - usually composed of PV, BESS and a generation asset - allows the customer to self-produce energy on-site while being connected to the utility grid. It offers the highest degree of resiliency by ensuring power supply for the duration of an outage. 

Direct sale

Following a one-time payment, the client purchases and receives full ownership of the asset, benefiting from 100% of the savings and revenues generated by the system. Enel X installs the hardware with DER.OS and provides ongoing management and monitoring services.

Benefit Share

Enel X finances the storage system at the customer site. The customer then shares the ongoing energy savings and revenues generated from the storage system with Enel X based on a predetermined split.


Enel X finances and owns the storage system at the customer site in exchange for a leasing fee paid by the customer. The customer benefits from 100% of the economic returns generated by the asset.

Site lease

Customers with unused land in areas with high electricity prices can lease their land to Enel X in exchange for a monthly lease fee. Enel X has the rights to install a battery at the customer’s site and retains 100% of the benefits.


Enel X finances Solar-plus-storage projects, where customers pay Enel X a flat rate in €/kWh based on energy produced from the PV system (PPA) and can opt to also share the revenues generated by the battery (i.e. Demand Charge Management and Demand Response services) with Enel X under a hybrid PPA.