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What is it?

Energy Exchange supports companies in strategically procuring energy and monitoring their energy purchase performance. By digitising transactions through competitive reverse auctions, Energy Exchange helps market participants in buying and selling energy commodities, faster and more efficiently. Enel X negotiate with commodity suppliers on your behalf, guaranteeing accurate real-time prices, volumes and lowering risk which also helps to stimulate competition and transparency among energy suppliers.

Why choose Energy Exchange?

Global know-how

For over 20 years, Enel X have worked with more than 100 utilities worldwide and more than 300 suppliers on our Energy Exchange platform, conducting 60,000 pricing events and transacting more than 200 TWh.

Due to our pre-auction work where products and terms are structured to align client needs to market capabilities, we guarantee successful auctions with 100% utility approvals registered thus far. This is important to drive maximum value, as bidders are assured that the process will result in a contract.

Total visibility

The complex algorithms used by Energy Exchange identify favourable purchasing opportunities to help our customers to choose the best energy supplier at the most advantageous market rates, and to monitor daily price averages and variations as well as trends over different lengths of time.

Energy Exchange’s cutting-edge dashboard displays data about the market, price fluctuations, news and opportunities to renew contracts. The platform includes a list of all energy supply contracts with their relative start and end dates, amounts and balance sheet entries.

Hands-on analysis

Our team of experts provides forecast analyses and budgeting and benchmarking reports to help customers constantly monitor the energy market so they can keep an eye on price variations and anticipate risks and opportunities.

Pay later

Customers do not pay Enel X to transact on Energy Exchange, the supplier does – meaning there is no fee until customers choose to award. More importantly, there is no obligation to award a contract. Clients do not pay anything if they do not like the results.