Enel X - Utility Bill Management: The Great Success Story

Enel X - Utility Bill Management: The Great Success Story

In Argentina, Enel X implemented the Utility Bill Management system to one of the most important banking houses in the country: Banco Santander.

The company operates mainly in Europe and Latin America, has almost 190,000 employees and has 125 million customers worldwide. Argentina has more than 600 branches.

The Argentine subsidiary aims to monitor more closely the consumption of public services (energy, gas, and water) and with the system implemented by Enel X, the bank will be able to identify opportunities for energy savings thanks to data digitization. Santander also requested advice on energy purchase policy, including the possible purchase of renewable energy to meet its global environmental sustainability objectives.

Our Argentine colleagues from i-Industries presented the client with an integrated solution that includes our intelligent platform for monitoring energy consumption UBM (Utility Bill Management) and an energy advisory service.

To be able to offer the client the best possible solution, the Argentine consulting team has been supported by the Brazilian team that will be in charge of processing Santander's utility bills at UBM, combining the best skills of Enel X's global team to manage the client's needs with a personalized service. The UBM Enel X team will collect and process information from 604 branches in the country, which is a first phase that will include data on electricity and in second phase data on water and gas.

The Argentine advisory team will analyze the data provided by UBM and advise Banco Santander by identifying the most profitable energy efficiency opportunities, applying the corresponding solutions, structuring energy purchase agreements with third parties, studying self-management alternatives and presenting the economic advantages of its backup generators and storage systems. 

Utility Bill Management is an intelligent management tool designed for multi-site B2B clients that optimizes the management of public service consumption, allowing a quick, simple and punctual analysis by defining key performance indicators and a set of algorithms within Enel X's digitized software platform:

  • Accelerates and simplifies the identification of energy efficiency opportunities. 
  • Reduces energy costs (adjusting power capacity and reducing reactive energy costs).
  • Reduces internal operational processing costs. 
  • Expands the range of energy supply contracts.

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