Enel X - The New O'higgins Park Swimming Pool: Heated And Efficient

Enel X - The New O'higgins Park Swimming Pool: Heated And Efficient

O'higgins Park will make a dramatic change in the use of the current Olympic pool:

The project is part of the Energy Commune Program of the Ministry of Energy, a program that seeks to contribute to the model of energy development in Chile, giving more emphasis to projects raised from the community, on the side of energy efficiency and renewable energy.The proposal presented by Enel X consists of replacing a system based on Natural Gas boilers with a system of heat pumps (electric air-water), which allow energy efficiency (above 400%) by using the thermal energy available in the air to heat the water. This is to eliminate the use of natural gas for domestic hot water systems, swimming pools, and pools. Besides, the substitution of traditional luminaire by LED was considered, thus increasing the efficiency of the sports complex.

What is the estimate in terms of energy savings?

With the execution of the project would stop emitting 244.9 tons of CO2eq per year, which is 5 years is equivalent to 1,244.5 tons of CO2eq. With this, we will be helping the decarbonization of the energy matrix.

We are very happy to be part of new projects in favor of the community and we hope that with energy efficiency continue to be part of new and more projects.We are Enel X.