The benefits of LED public lighting

The benefits of LED public lighting

From energy saving to environmental protection, from low maintenance costs to light quality: these are just a few reasons why LED lighting is so beneficial and in this article we tell you why it is so convenient to have our service.

In Enel X, we have the ideal design to achieve the greatest energy and economic savings, guaranteeing uniformity in the distribution of light and reduction of light pollution, together with excellent visual comfort that seeks, above all, to improve the feeling of security that the citizen experiences.


What are the advantages for the city?

Those few individuals who have been lucky enough to observe Earth from space agree on one thing: seen from a distance, our planet is truly magnificent. And it is even more so at night, when cities light up to become bright spots that trace the contours of the continents.

The urban lighting that exists today has a high cost and the solution is to replace the traditional light bulbs that are used in public posts with LED bulbs, a light source that offers numerous benefits. For example, LED bulbs consume a smaller amount of energy compared to the bulbs that are commonly used in street lights, offering energy savings of 65% or even greater. Lower energy consumption also means less carbon dioxide emissions and, therefore, greater environmental sustainability. 

We can also add the fact that LED bulbs have a longer lifespan, up to 100 thousand hours of use, between 10 and 20 times longer than a halogen or fluorescent bulb. Therefore, this means lower maintenance costs and a more efficient lighting system.

And yet, despite all these benefits, LED public lighting is still not widely used in the cities of Chile.

We believe that empowering a smart city means contributing with new technologies that generate a real change in terms of the operation of a city, savings and sustainability.

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