Enel X - Talcahuano Lights Its Streets With Technology

Enel X - Talcahuano Lights Its Streets With Technology

With Enel X's new technology, Talcahuano hopes to become a new port of light. Increasing pedestrian lighting levels, reducing crime rates and improving public spaces are the main objectives of the project.

The strategy seeks to increase the sense of security of the inhabitants of the port commune, incorporating technology less risky and more efficient: LED lighting is the best solution, better supports the salinity of the air and humid climate, significantly reducing faults in winter period.

What does this project contemplate?

  • Replacement and installation of 16,778 LED luminaires
  • 42 full HD security cameras
  • Replacement of 22 existing chambers

The mayor of Talcahuano, Henry Campos, made a tour through different sectors of the commune to monitor the progress of the work, which began several weeks ago, and ensures a modernization of the city:


The aim is to transform the conflictive spaces into safe roads and citizen meeting points. This allows neighbors to be calm because it prevents criminals from taking public spaces because they lack lighting. 

Henry Campos

Mayor of Talcahuano

As Enel X, we believe that it is fundamental for the community that initiatives such as these begin to be incorporated in the different localities of Chile, uniting technology and innovation with citizen security.

Were you interested in the project?

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