Sustainable solutions on the rooftops of Chile

Sustainable solutions on the rooftops of Chile

In Chile the photovoltaic market is growing very fast. It is enough to think that the highest level of solar radiation in the world is recorded in the Atacama desert area and that the first meter in the world powered by clean energy is already being talked about in Santiago.


The block of flats with solar roof

CIDEPA, a Chilean construction company with forty years of experience and an eye on the added value of sustainability, chose an Enel Group solution for this 34-story residential building.

The Lord Cochrane building, located a few meters from Matta Avenue, underwent a renovation thanks to which its 346 square meters of roof today have 135 panels for thermal energy, 4 solar tanks with a capacity of 10,000 liters and two pumps heat with 230 kWt aerothermal technology. This roof, which works with solar energy, is not only an example of ergonomics and sustainability, but it really constitutes a tool to reduce the consumption of residents, who will spend 40% less compared to the conventional installation with natural gas or LPG .

Ecological solution and energy saving

The solution we developed for the Lord Cochrane building of CIDEPA offers important opportunities in the sector of cooperation between companies and new perspectives for the real estate and construction markets in Santiago. We work together to inaugurate a new realization in the southern quadrant of Santiago. The solution used for the San Nicolás building, in the residential and commercial neighborhood of San Miguel, is based on the same concept as that of Lord Cochrane, to which it adds an integrated monitoring system online or in real time. On the “eco-friendly” roof of the San Nicolás building, 120 square meters of solar thermal collectors, two heat pumps with 130 kWt aerothermal technology and three auxiliary electric boilers are extended, which also in this case produce energy savings for residents .

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