Enel X - Quilicura Is Committed To Sustainable Lighting

Enel X - Quilicura Is Committed To Sustainable Lighting

One of our purposes as Enel X is to improve the quality of life of citizens with innovative and sustainable technology. For this reason, it is currently undergoing a complete restyling operation in the commune of Quilicura: The LED public lighting project that will bring the commune a saving of up to 40%.

In total 17,684 luminaires will illuminate the whole commune, helping to optimize the municipal resources and generating great savings, to destine them to projects and programs that improve the quality of life of those who live in Quilicura.

In this way, we want to eliminate crime hotspots, improve public space and contribute to the care of the planet through energy efficiency. Also, the plan could consider, in a stage of expansion, the change of ornamental lights, squares, and courts, thereby favoring the levels of security, participation, and recreation of families.

The project is in its first stage of construction and its delivery is budgeted for September of 2019.

More than 145,000 LED light points have already been installed in Chile and the commune of Quilicura joins the group of administrations that have relied on the experience of Enel X, benefiting from tailor-made projects developed in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago.

The energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and concrete economic savings of Enel X products continue to illuminate the streets of Chile.

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