Enel X - Nine Thousand Led Luminaires For Linares

Enel X - Nine Thousand Led Luminaires For Linares

On April 20, 2018, Enel X signed the agreement that started the replacement of nine thousand Led lights in the urban sector of Linares.

The historic initiative proposed by Mayor Mario Meza was agreed in León Bustos Avenue, a place defined as the starting point of the works.

"We have initiated this signature in León Bustos Avenue because we consider that Linares should not only be the gateway to the south of Chile but also that the neighbors who enter our city, see the main access artery to the illuminated commune. There are more than 9,000 light points that are going to be replaced in the city, but we wanted to start with León Bustos Avenue, thinking about the collective locomotion, the neighbors and mainly the athletes who pass through here"

Mario Meza

Mayor of Linares

The representative of Enel X, Claudio Insunza, commented that everything is expected to work well and that they are working to meet all the expectations of the neighbors and the Mayor.

The Led luminaires ensure uniformity in the luminosity, new technologies with longer life, which allows reducing the maintenance costs of the electricity bill that will have the municipality. Also, the replacement of lamps has to do with the recovery of public spaces for the community, because the lack of light generates insecurity and increases crime rates.

The final objective of the project considers a projection of more than 500 points per month, which contemplates a maintenance horizon of 10 years, generating savings of about 60 million pesos.

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