Enel X - Hall of Residence: Beyond the Classroom

Enel X - Hall of Residence: Beyond the Classroom

The Colegio Mayor Project was created considering that Education is a challenge in today's society and that it needs to advance together with technology, that's why they trusted Enel X's services to install 242 photovoltaic solar panels, equivalent to a power of 87 kWp.

This power generation plant for self-consumption and with injection to the electric network will serve to take advantage of the sun's energy to supply renewable electric energy to the main dependencies of this educational establishment.

Some technical data of the project:

  • Installed Power: 87.12 kWp
  • 242 Monocrystalline 360 Wp modules
  • Surface: 469,6 m2
  • Estimated energy generation per year: 120,198 kWh
  • Estimated avoided CO2 emissions: 72,119 kg/year

In this context, we assume this project as a collaborative work between the Colegio Mayor and Enel X. The fundamental role of our services this time goes beyond the installation itself, it goes in generating environmental awareness from secondary education.

A project that ultimately goes beyond technical data, goes into new challenges, innovation, and generation of eco-friendly awareness. We hope to continue contributing to the community through sustainability, energy efficiency and care for the environment.

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