Formula-E 2020: Enel X on the Santiago track

Formula-E 2020: Enel X on the Santiago track

Transforming Santiago into a sustainable city is one of our main objectives. We believe in the incorporation of electric mobility where electric vehicles join gasoline and diesel vehicles that we see today on the streets, and are part of urban everyday life.

On January 18, the third version of Formula-E will be held in Chile, a milestone that confirms and enhances the increase in electromobility in the country. As in the previous versions, 24 cars and their drivers will face each other in one of the largest parks in Santiago, O’higgins Park.

What are the news?


This year's e-Prix is ​​even more spectacular because the vehicles run non-stop and are equipped with more powerful batteries and equally powerful charging instruments, supplied by our company. As the official intelligent charging partner of the championship, in Enel X we have developed the innovative edition Enel X JuicePump80 FE that allows the latest generation cars to complete the race (45 minutes plus one lap) with a single charge, so it is NOT necessary stop to change cars as in previous versions.

Here is an important part of Enel X technology, we are proud of what we are doing. We have a great team working on Formula E and Moto E. These races are not just image and advertising. For us, they are opportunities for experimentation: everything we bring here to charge Formula E cars helps us make even greater improvements in the products we take to the streets and your home.

Francesco Venturini

CEO Enel X

Electric cars will be able to reach 280 kilometers per hour, accelerating from zero to 100 in 2.8 seconds. To handle the load, Enel X will provide 11 teams with two Enel X JuicePump80 FE editing systems with a power of 80 kW and extremely light features to meet the specifications of motoring.


What is the e-village and what can you find in our stand?


In the E-Village you can enjoy an immersive experience. It is an entertainment festival that is located in the O’higgins Park where you will find stands of different brands, which enhance and encourage the use of electric mobility on a daily basis.

At the Enel X stand there will be two big surprises, linked to the same career and the use of electric mobility at the country level. What can we anticipate? We will show you how electric cars are charged, how long they take, how many electric chargers exist in Chile and we will tell you the updates of the new charging infrastructure of the race. We will also have contests and exclusive details.

At Enel X we believe that electric mobility will be accessible to all and that little by little, it will gain a space in the car market.

See you on January 18!