Formula E 2019: the start of the revolution in electric mobility

Formula E 2019: the start of the revolution in electric mobility

To prepare the engines before the race, on January 25 we organized the Enel X Mobility Day, generating a preview of the acclaimed event and sharing our goals on electric mobility in Latin America.

On January 26, 2019, the great race began, opening the way to one of the most important goals, which we have as Enel X: to transform Chile into a 100% electric country. In the third version of the championship, the cars driven exclusively by electric energy gave much to talk about. Its updates surprised all fans, creating a space to bring the new technology to a more massive public and encouraging the use of new energy uses in everyday life.

Both days generated a before and after in the electric mobility scenario, allowing us to debate on the commitment we have to promote electromobility in Chile.

FormulaE made a difference, providing adrenaline and entertainment as well as a great legacy to the community. To adapt the city's infrastructure to the arrival of the championship, like Enel X we inaugurated the new public lighting system, equipped with the latest LED technology near the O'Higgins Park circuit. The revolution in electric mobility is just beginning! Join us