Enel X - Formula E The Race Of The Future

Enel X - Formula E The Race Of The Future

This 2019 begins with the arrival of Formula E in Chile. The race will have new surprises since Enel X has developed an innovative replacement technology that allows the electric cars to participate in the circuit to finish the competition with a single charge of energy. 

How was such a high goal achieved?

Everything was possible thanks to the latest generation of JuicePump batteries that, with their weight and capacity, can be easily transported from one circuit to another.

Another of the surprises that you will see this January 26, is the great debut of the model GEN2 in Latin America, specifically in our country, Chile. The new updates include a Halo, equipped with a series of LED lights, which will provide race information, according to the power modes allowed. On the other hand, the tires will be lighter and will have less resistance when rolling.

The new model is a machine of the future. In just a couple of years, the battery capacity doubled and its power increased. A great milestone that marks a before and after in the development of electric mobility in Chile and the world.

A 100% sustainable Prix, which does not require a pit stop and emits 0% Co2. A zero-impact revolution that will keep attention levels and adrenaline high among spectators and fans.