Solar energy: an efficient and sustainable solution

Solar energy: an efficient and sustainable solution

Grow your business by becoming an energy prosumer. Today this step is possible for companies thanks to the implementation of a photovoltaic system that allows to take advantage of innovative and integrated services for energy management.

One of our missions as Enel X is to provide efficient, sustainable solutions and offer comprehensive proposals for the implementation of Photovoltaic Projects, which are committed to the growth in the use of renewable energies and effective facilities, ranging from evaluation, implementation to monitoring and control. of proper operation to ensure optimal results. In addition, our support considers financing alternatives under the leasing model, according to the needs of each client.


Photovoltaic systems, the first step for energy efficiency


In the race towards electrification and innovation, companies that already have a photovoltaic system have an advantage. In fact, photovoltaic solar panels are, in fact, an essential requirement, since they offer a range of benefits: from the optimization of the use of available space to the own production of the energy required for consumption, the reduction of energy expenditure, independence of the network and the environmental impact, adding sustainable value to everything that is produced. This, however, is not enough to meet the challenge of energy management. Depending on the weather conditions, solar energy is intermittent and non-programmable in nature: the energy produced should be used as soon as it is available, and when the sky is cloudy or rainy, other energy sources are needed. To solve this problem and maximize the performance of photovoltaic energy, an additional step is required, a digital solution that allows you to better manage energy costs.


What is this great technology?


Utility Bill Management (UBM) a platform that allows large industrial and commercial companies to centralize the process of collecting and paying bills, both for electricity and gas, water and urban waste. UBM eliminates the need to collect, prepare, process and pay bills manually. In addition, it performs an analysis and a comparison of invoices, generates accurate consumption reports with the details of each individual user and demonstrates how the energy produced autonomously through the photovoltaic solar panels affects the energy costs of the company. The service also provides visibility, both internally and externally, of what the company is doing in terms of environmental sustainability by measuring a series of indicators, including the impact of energy consumption in terms of CO2 emissions. Thanks to the UBM platform, the client can measure and analyze the results, set growth objectives and plan the actions and timeframes necessary to achieve them.

In Enel X we have more than one service to maximize the savings and management of the energy that is being produced in your company.

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