Enel X - Enel X UITP Award Winners!

Enel X - Enel X UITP Award Winners!

It all began in 2016, with an initiative in conjunction with the Municipality of Santiago, which through the first Electric Bus put into operation in Chile, provided a free approach service for Santiaguinos and tourists circulating in the center of the capital.

Two years later, Enel X together with the Government of Chile, MetBus, and BYD launched the project "Electric buses for public transport". In total, 100 electric vehicles of the Chinese brand BYD were acquired by Enel X to tour the streets of Santiago.

 For the manufacture of the new buses was considered the experience lived by users and passengers of the first electric buses arrived in 2017, improving a series of elements corresponding to the equipment of the new vehicles that strengthen their safety. According to evaluations carried out in the field, the most outstanding characteristics and valued by the users were the air conditioning and the less noise generated by the buses.

This important step and the model used to arrive in the first 100 electric buses viable positions Chile as a reference in electromobility in Latin America, and therefore qualifies Enel X, together with Metbus and BYD as WINNERS of the UITP Awards in Stockholm, Sweden.

What is UITP and why are they important for Enel X to have achieved this award? 

UITP is the acronym for INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC TRANSPORT UNION, and is an international organization focused on public transport authorities, passengers, operators, policymakers, scientific institutes, and public transport providers.

Enel X won the WORLD award of the International Transport Union, in the category of best business model. Thanks to this great prize, Chile is positioned as a world reference in the field of Electric Mobility.

We are proud to be part of this change and to be recognized with such an important award. Today more than ever we are committed to promoting electromobility at city and country level! 

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