Enel X - Enel X In Massachusetts, Managing Savings With UBM

Enel X - Enel X In Massachusetts, Managing Savings With UBM

Enel X In Massachusetts, Managing Savings With UBMThe big picture: The Massachusetts government is the largest consumer of energy in the state, spending more than $250 million and consuming more than 1 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity each year. Before implementing a software-based business solution (UBM), the energy management team relied exclusively on 30-day-old utility bill data.

With aggressive energy reduction targets, in 2010, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) initiated a program to implement a first-rate enterprise. The Energy Management System (EEMS) should monitor energy consumption in real-time across more than 25 million square feet of property in buildings as diverse as courts, university campuses, prisons, and hospitals. In the same year, the energy resources department selected Enel X to manage energy-based intelligence software as a service for the foundation of its EEMS project. 

Today, Enel X collects and analyzes real-time data from more than 1,300 meters in 460 state buildings, providing visibility into energy consumption across multiple commodities, including electricity, natural gas, oil, propane, condensed and cooled steam, and hot water.

Enel X monitors more than $60 million of energy spending and has helped state agencies identify $2.6 million in operational savings. Enel X's energy intelligence software provides state facilities, project management and finance personnel with the software tools and analysis needed to identify profitable opportunities for short- and long-term energy improvements.

The benefits:

  • Savings: Savings are, first and foremost, the maximum benefit Enel X has helped deliver (USD 2.6 million annually).
  • Prioritize investments for maximum impact.
  • Use staff time more wisely.

Enel X software gives users the tools to understand how different buildings are using energy. Westfield State University, for example, uses Enel X to assign electricity charges to individual departments, putting accountability in the hands of those who use energy directly.

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