Enel X - Enel X: One Year From The Change

Enel X - Enel X: One Year From The Change

It's our first birthday! A year of transformation and change. As Enel X, we were able to grow offering new energy solutions and contributing to the community from the installation of LED public lights, to incorporate new electric buses in public transportation. This first year we have lived it intensely, we have managed to positively impact cities, businesses, and homes, improving the quality of life of thousands of people.

What has been achieved in one year?

In one year, 100 electric buses were incorporated into public transport, providing less pollution and greater comfort for its passengers. On the other hand, and complementing Enel X's participation in the FormulaE, new LED street lighting was inaugurated in the streets near the Park O´higgins, favoring its neighbors with more safety and more efficient lighting; we believe that this first year was only the beginning and that our products are the perfect solutions to achieve a more sustainable and sustainable world. The new energy revolution is just beginning and we want to drive the new energy paradigm to a more everyday and daily use level.

Let's go for more! We are Enel X