Enel X - Cocha and the Enel X Efficient Management Service

Enel X - Cocha and the Enel X Efficient Management Service

This year Enel X carried out the first LATAM level contract for the efficient management service. In this article, we tell you the results and perception of the current client: COCHA tourism

Before beginning to analyze the benefits and advantages of this service, we want to explain what it is and why it is so convenient for you to take advantage of it.

Why hire an efficient management service?  

It is a completely transparent service in terms of knowledge of your energy consumption, provides great opportunities for savings by using alerts to report on excessive consumption. It is also an EXCLUSIVE AND PERSONALISED service that helps to optimize consumption and to deal with Enel distribution in a CENTRALISED AND EFFECTIVE way, through control tools.

What does efficient management service include?

  • Personalized contact from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Contact/Service/Web management 24 hours/7 days
  • Processing of all your requests
  • New supply, change of owner, claims
  • Follow-up of the status of your requests via web
  • 12-month contract and billing reports
  • Reports configurable and customizable by you
  • Regulatory change alerts
  • Configurable alerts on your consumptions/Import/Ratio

So far we have described the benefits and advantages of this great service. But what are the REAL results? We spoke with Aníbal Revollo, sub-manager of general services of Turismo COCHA to tell us about his experience as a client and we obtained pleasant comments:


As a tourism company, we have multiple services contracted at the level of accommodation, therefore for us, it is VERY important to maintain control. The efficiency management system platform allowed us to realize the excesses we were making at the energy level and gave us time to act in times of power outage or overload. Also, the customization service is ideal to consult and support us in new strategies and analysis of cost savings.

Aníbal Revollo

Sub-manager of general services of Turismo COCHA

COCHA is the first client at LATAM level with this service and we hope that the goodwill spread and expand.  

If you are interested in projects related to energy efficiency, click here and the Enel X team will contact you as soon as possible.