Enel X - Chargers For Electric Cars In Chile' S South

Enel X - Chargers For Electric Cars In Chile' S South

It all began a year ago with the inauguration of the first electric charger in Concepción, a charger that is currently in public use and takes approximately two and a half hours to fully charge, depending on the battery capacity and the type of charge.

In coordination with different municipalities and private entities has been able to make these sustainable investments for public chargers of electric cars, being the first electrolinera of this type implemented in the south of our country in the Plaza España de Concepción, electrolinera that is already a success.

Today, a year later, Enel X is installing an entire circuit of public chargers for electric cars in the south of the country, encouraging new uses of energy through electric mobility.

Where are they located? The 5 points are in:

  1. Conception
  2. Pucón
  3. Villarrica
  4. Saint Peter of Peace
  5. Chillán

It is worth mentioning that the only charger that is currently in operation is the Concepción, however, it is expected that soon the circuit will work in its entirety.

The best of all is that the installation process is really fast, the approximate total is 21 days, including certifications. We hope to reach every corner of Chile with more public and private entities interested in providing and encouraging the use of electric transportation in cities.

We believe in change because change has already come to Enel X.

If you are interested in projects related to electromobility, click here and the Enel X team will contact you as soon as possible.