Enel X - Air-conditioned Classrooms For The Commune Of Renca

Enel X - Air-conditioned Classrooms For The Commune Of Renca

One of the main topics that are discussed nationally in winter and summer are the extreme temperatures recorded in Santiago. That's why we implement air conditioners in more than 20 schools in Renca. 

All the equipment installed is with inverter technology, the latest and most innovative in air conditioning:

  • Energy-saving: the operation of the inverter equipment favors a great energy-saving since the speed of the compressor decreases progressively according to the desired temperature. The savings usually fluctuate between 20 - 25%.
  • Thermal comfort: Inverter systems provide a more stable temperature, without sudden and barely noticeable changes.
  • Longer service life: Since it does not work on/off, the compressor suffers less and therefore the active period of the equipment is usually longer than the rest of the air conditioners.

On the other hand, and alluding to the improvement of the student's quality of life, air conditioning in classrooms activates cognitive processes such as thinking, attention, and memory, as well as maintaining the comfort and concentration of schoolchildren in the months of extreme temperatures.

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